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Hydramet H300 excavator

Excavator mounted on the back of the tractor, equipped with an 8-section distributor, with a lifting capacity of 300 kg.
300 kg
max. lifting capacity
227 cm
maximum height
288 cm
max reach

Hydramet H300 excavator

Excavator mounted on the back of the tractor, equipped with an 8-section distributor, with a lifting capacity of 300 kg. The device is irreplaceable not only for loading and unloading but also for construction and earthworks. The functionality of the machine is extended by a large selection of working tools - from buckets of various types, through a wood gripper to a wide drainage bucket. The ideal choice is a combination with a front loader. Strict parameters - a large reach and digging depth, as well as an affordable price, cause the interest in the machine to go beyond agriculture.

Specyfikacja techniczna

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Our products have been valued for years for durability and reliability thanks to the technological process developed and constantly improved over the years. Behind our quality is a highly qualified team of engineers and a machine park that uses the latest technological innovations.


The coatings of our products are characterized by smoothness, uniform color and lack of stains. Thanks to this, our products look very aesthetically pleasing. The perfect coating, thanks to its thickness (60-80 μm), is a great anti-corrosion protection.
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precyzyjne spawy


Automated welding ensures an increase in the quality of welds, through greater control over the parameters of the welding process and welding paths, thanks to which our products have high and repeatable quality.

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